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I currently act as Head of Performance Support for British Cycling, leading a team of over 20 science and medicine experts, who provide a meaningful performance contribution to the success of GB Olympic Riders.

Member of the Management for the England Rugby Team from 2002 to 2012, with GB Basketball in 2013, and the Georgian National Rugby Team in 2015, I have written and delivered fitness programmes to top players, worked at four Rugby World Cups and raised standards of player preparation across the sport. Employed by the Rugby Football Union as Senior National Fitness Coach I led a team of full time fitness coaches and numerous sport science, nutrition and rehabilitation consultants. 

From 1990 - 2002 I worked with many of our top track and field athletes, most notably the javelin thrower Steve Backley.
I was employed by UK-Athletics as Head of Strength & Conditioning and worked across the sport helping athletes and coaches
to design more effective training programmes.

I have consulted across many other sports including golf and football and am confident that my experience with a range of elite sports people places me well to assist you with your own performance aspirations.


I have always been fascinated by the human body and how athletes make the best use of theirs to entertain the world with incredible feats of athletic performance. To give learning to this fascination, I studied Sport Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, have a B.Sc. in Sport Science and both an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biomechanics. While researching for my higher degrees I also lectured to Sport Science students and supervised M.Sc. students.

Eventhough I now know more about physical performance, my passion for learning is as keen as ever.


Over 25 years working in elite sport, combined with my academic background has placed me well to advise on all aspects of physical preparation. I also understand how culture affects team sport and how the attitude of an athlete, along with their physical preparedness will determine their ultimate success. I also understand how to positively affect these things to maximise the chances of a team or individual’s success. Nonetheless, I also know that I haven’t got all of the answers to an individual or team’s problems. My significant time in elite sport has me connected with a host of experts around the world who are specialists in their fields of human performance.

If I don’t have the answers to your performance questions, I will know someone who will and I'll make the introduction for you.


The difference

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Experience gives a person the confidence to know that a solution to a problem is tried and tested and will work for its intended clients. I have over 25 years working as a performance specialist in elite sport and understand how to work in a pressure environment, lead and manage large teams, and how to help clients handle pressure themselves and how to make sure that the service I provide does indeed lead to performance improvements.


Every day there are more and more performance ‘enhancers’ advertised on the internet. Whether these be training techniques or dietary supplements, many will simply not work, might even be harmful and certainly cost you money. Better to place your faith in someone who really does know how elite athletes prepare and what does work for them.


Many heads are better than one. I have a worldwide network of high performance specialists who I consult with regularly to solve performance problems. Every problem requires a specific solution and the best, most effective and simplest solutions often come from asking the persons best qualified to give you the answer. I know these people.


What I do

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"I help people improve their performance in a number of ways" 

Coordinate Fitness Training

I create effective training programmes for elite individuals and teams according to their specific needs. I might create and deliver the training programme alone or depending upon the task, coordinate a team of trusted specialists to deliver a world class service.

Performance Audit

As an independant specialist, I work with the management personnel of elite teams to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of the their support service to their athletes. 

Whoever my client, the goal is always to improve athlete performance. I align staff work programmes towards this common goal, assess cost effectiveness of the overall service and create professional development programmes for staff.

I have recently completed an Audit of the Science & Medicine provision at the 18 County Cricket Clubs as well as the England Men's Senior, Men's Development and Women's Teams for the English Cricket Board, for the second year in a row.

Conference and Corporate Speaking

I take the experiences and lessons that I have learned during my time in elite sport and deliver these to a variety of clients in the sporting and business world as a series of presentations (See Testimonials). I have some excellent associates with whom I often collaborate to provide these lectures.


I am very lucky to have been helped by some world class coaches and scientists in my career and now emulate their effects on me by mentoring coaches and scientists who wish to acheive success within a human performance role.


Whats new...

In 2015 I was very fortunate to exercise my Strength & Conditioning skills once more, this time with the Georgian Rugby Team at the Rugby World Cup. Through June, July and August, the squad had 11 weeks training together in Georgia, Poland and England before starting the tournament in September. Georgia have been regular entrants to the RWC but have only previously won one pool game and have always had to fight to re-qualify for each tournament. Our goal in last year's tournament was to win a minimum of two games, to come no lower than third in our pool and to, therefore, qualify automatically for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Tokyo. With New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga and Namibia in our pool, this would require a significant effort on behalf of the squad. With an incredible effort from the team, we managed to beat Tonga and Namibia, and perform admirably against the All Blacks and Argentina. We came third in our pool and Georgia are automatic entrants for the 2019 RWC. I feel very fortunate to have been part of this journey, to understand at first hand how passionate the people of Georgia are for their rugby and to have made so many new friends in another part of the world.

After the RWC I joined British Cycling full-time, and am currently the Head of Performance Suport for British Cycling. I manage the team of Science and Medicine experts, over twenty incredible staff who all contribute to the  performance of Great Britain's riders on the Olympic Programme. The current focus is the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio where we hope to reproduce some of the incredible performances that were seen from this team in Beijing (2008) and London (2012). Of course, there is also much planning for the next Olympic cycle that culminates in the 2020 games in Tokyo, but with just a few months to go, the focus of the team is squarely on Rio. Wish us luck!


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